Posted by Frank Hardy (+1731) 2 years ago
Frank Hardy's Hawaiian Hot Dog House is proud to roll-out:

The Capita/ol Trump!

This 1/4 pound weiner of a dog is topped on one end by stringy carrots and on the bottom with a pile of crap we call the "Giuliani" it's a mix of leftovers that we've tried over and over again to be a headliner, but they just don't make it. Yum!

This comes on a bed of broken ice crystals representing the shattered windows of the Capitol with a single page copy of the Bill of Rights overstamped with the TRUMP logo! Sure to be a right wingers collector piece!

This delicious treat is served IN STORE ONLY since you can only buy one if you are a white male with an IQ below 70*.


We don't accept pence- only US dollars! CRUZ on in! Have a HAWLEY jolly new year with 4 more years!

*This is confirmed by the fact that if you are stupid enough to order one, you must qualify.

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