Grant’s Pool Hall
Posted by Southside (+4) 16 days ago
The Billard table scores were kept with an overhead sliding rack-where is that rack now?
Posted by nativemc (+591) 16 days ago
Don't have a clue about the scoring rack but I do remember the great cigars. Used to go to Grant's for Boy scouts in the basement. Get out of Scouts and pick up a cigar on the way out.
Posted by Hanson (+1511) 15 days ago
Parker's Bar, aka Parker's Super Service, has the only billiard table in town. And, yes, there is an overhead scoring rack, probably from Grants. So if you want to shoot billiards and drink cold beer, my sister's joint is the place to find yourself.
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Posted by Southside (+4) 15 days ago
Thanks for the great answer...I’ve been watching Utube matches. Miles City’s odd and unusual objects have come to mind. Disallowing the swim lake-boat lake-where was the only other swimming pool on Main? Pretty sure I know the answer!