Points to Ponder
Posted by Rob Shipley (+479) one year ago
JFK was murdered by the CIA and his desire to correct the Federal Reserve Bank.
The Federal Reserve Bank is not a bank at all, and, never has been.
It has no bank charter, no reserves per se, and, charges the U.S. government for its use of Federal Reserve Notes which are fake currency backed by absolutely nothing.
The Federal Reserve Bank is solely owned by the IBC, International Banking Cartel.
IBC does its business behind locked doors in downtown London, England.
Every American who is not a fool knows this.
Obama is a muslim. Biden is bought and paid for by the Chicoms.
Its been 57 years since an American president was assassinated.
Think HARD about this.
The powers to be may well kill Biden so he will never be in their way.
Kamala, when anyone seriously digs and digs and digs into her roots...……….is the EVIL ONE.
******** Even the Dems only gave her a measly and despicable two percent {2%} of their entire following in the primary. SHE IS THE BLACK ANGEL OF DEATH. *********
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Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3802) one year ago
Rob, seek help. You are reaching the tipping point.
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