Circling the wagons for Jesus
Posted by Richard Bonine (+15214) one year ago
As evangelicals circle the wagons with the realization that Trump lost, they reveal a lot about who they are. They do not discern the difference in what they want from government, church and God mostly because for them this is a seamless cloth.

It is not an accident that "patriot churches" are growing. They believe in what used to be call cheap grace. God rewards them because they believe the correct way. Such a faith does not necessitate study or discipline, both of which they are suspicious of because they interfere with true faith which is feeling happy.

Their expectations are fairly adolescent- a nice house, enough money, nice and good looking children and for men a good looking spouse and for women a man who will take care of them. The magical thinking they have in their churches is extended to their political gurus like Trump. He can say outrageous things that are readily recognizable as lies but because they are already engaged in magical thinking they just believe harder in whatever it is because among other things, this is a sign of true faith.

They don't believe in covid because it is inconvenient, interferes with their happiness and requires discipline. A bit of magical thinking is handy here so they use it. Will episodes of covid in their family change their thinking? In most cases I doubt it. That would mean not only giving up their world view but their religion.
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