A Message to Democrats from Your New Ally
Posted by David Schott (+17514) one year ago
Stuart Stevens wrote:
Today’s Republicans are not worthy of the great legacy they inherited. When grown men and women refuse to denounce a man who boasts he did not rape a woman because “she was not my type,” any semblance of public good has been lost. I can’t direct the Republican party to the lost and found where it might reclaim its soul, but I do know that defeat, while not sufficient, is necessary in order for it to embark on that journey.

The Bulwark: A Message to Democrats from Your New Ally
by Stuart Stevens
Stuart Stevens is a Republican consultant and writer and currently a senior advisor to the Lincoln Project. His most recent book is It Was All A Lie: How The Republican Party Became Donald Trump.
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Posted by tom regan (+2744) one year ago
Several Republican former US attorneys also endorsed Biden. You would think that the self proclaimed "law and order" President would be supported by these people.

“We believe that President Trump’s leadership is a threat to the rule of law in our country,” the group wrote in a letter released to the public, according to Reuters.


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