Tell Custer County to enforce the mask law!
Posted by Dick Ellingson (+654) 17 days ago
Montana has a REQUIREMENT that, in any county with FOUR or more active Covid-19 cases, wearing a mask is MANDATORY!

Last Tuesday, October 6th, I called Custer County Health, (406)874-8700, and spoke to a public health nurse who confirmed the above rule and told me Custer County had eight active cases. She agreed that we are at serious risk of getting the virus, but she told me the county will not enforce the mask rule, preferring that people "do the right thing" on their own!

In our current dangerous political environment, this is not going to happen!!

The nurse also said she would have a county health officer call me. Nobody called.

She gave me the number of the County Sanitarian, Mike Rinaldi, (406)366-1424. I left a message and didn't get a reply.

Call Custer County Health at (406)874-8700 and let them know that you're concerned.
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