Is Joe Biden too tough or too soft on crime?
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+16583) 7 months ago
RNC gave us mixed messages last week.

First message: Joe Biden helped pass a 1990s bill (no Republican bothered to mention that it had huge Republican support) that was tough on crime - 3 strikes your out. Many Republicans whined on how it was terrible it was on African American communities.

Which I agree with. Three strikes was a terrible bill/law and I hated it at the time. But you cannot rewrite history, all Republicans and moderate Democrats were onboard with it.

One thing I can give Trump credit for, pardoning the people convicted under that stupid law is a good deed.

Second message: Joe Biden wants to defund the police.

He has said he does not want to defund the police. So the record is clear, this is a lie.

Love to hear what ace Republican supporter Jerry has to say, when he weighs in. I find it ironic that Jerry has become the voice of the Miles City Republican Party, Apparently the rest of them enjoys silently wallowing their racist troughs. Jerry is the titan of Republican intellectualism in Miles City.
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