Bargain Hunting in SEA
Posted by mikeh (+302) one year ago
I got all excited last night watching the RNC yesterday evening to learn that America's big cities have turned into hellscapes that everyone is leaving. Surely there must be bargains to be had in real estate, particularly on Seattle's Capitol Hill (the C and the H in "CHOP" and "CHAZ").

Sounds a little crazy but having spent 11 years in Montana I figure I'd just bring my trusty snow shovel to scoop up all the used syringes. It'd be an adventure, just like the Wild West.

So let's see what I'd have to pay for an unlivable slice of hell on Capitol Hill...

My point for the few who may need the dots connected is that the reports of hellscapes in the liberal cities appear to be a tad bit exaggerated if folks will still shell out that kind of coin to live there.

Yes, there have beem problems and Mayor Durkin's approach to the problems has been mistake riddled and unorthodox -basically letting the protesters do damage until they tire themselves out and then scooping them up at 6 am a few weeks later. As for me I will take Mayor Durkin's recreation of the "Summer of Love" over Tom Cotton's proposed recreation of Tiananmen Square as a solution to the civil unrest any time.

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Posted by David Schott (+17052) one year ago
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Capitol Hill ain't cheap.

If you ever visit Seattle, don't waste your time trying to locate the capitol building on Capitol Hill -- there isn't one.

Apparently it used to be called Broadway Hill until around 1900 at which time a real estate developer by the name of James Moore bought a bunch of land on Broadway Hill and started to develop it and market it under the Capitol Hill name. He offered to give 5 acres of land to the State of Washington and build a fancy capitol building if the state would move the state capital from Olympia to Seattle. He even got a state legislator to sponsor a bill that would do that. The state didn't take him up on the offer.

It's also rumored James Moore named Capitol Hill after Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood which is where his wife was from.

James Moore is the guy that Seattle's Moore Theater is named after. I have only been to the Moore Theater once in 30 years of living in Seattle and that was to see a George Winston concert. George Winston took piano lessons at the Benson Conservatory in Miles City.

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