Posted by Hanson (+2164) one year ago
For several years Daines has touted the proposed Keystone pipeline (Senate Bill-1), as the big jobs bill and how safe it would be crossing major rivers and aquifers in Montana and our sister states. He must think we have no collective memory. Daines demonstrated his disregard for the preservation of our rivers and major aquifers by voting to exempt the XL pipeline from paying into the Oil Spill Trust Fund. The Fund was established to pay for cleaning up oil spill disasters like the Yellowstone river near Laurel in 2011 and Glendive in 2015.

As for his touting jobs, Daines voted against a requirement that steel and other supplies used on the proposed pipeline be made here and not elsewhere, like China (Amdt 17 to S-1) and voted to allow crude oil from the pipeline to be exported after it arrives at a port.(Amdt 13 to S-1) After expressing support for private property rights, he voted to allow private property to be seized through eminent domain by foreign-owned companies (Amdt 72 to S-1) such as TC Energy, whose corporate headquarters are in Alberta, Canada. It is affiliated with Sunshine Oilsands LTD. Sunshine’s corporate headquarters are also in Alberta. Sunshine’s management consists of Kwok Ping Sun, Chairman of the Board and Gloria Ho, Executive Director, CFO, with its Board of Directors Hong Luo, Linna Liu (also with the investment division of the Bank of China), Xijuan Jiang, Raymond Shengti Fong, Joanne Yan, and Yi He.

Daines’ voting record is completely at odds with the BS in his current political TV ads about how is standing up to China. Daines and Trump have similar traits, when their lips move so does the BS.
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