Quality Meats of Montana
Posted by Stan Wheeler (+1187) 2 years ago
Copied this from my sister. Just want everyone to know what they are doing. Those kids with 4-H animals need to be aware.

Miles City Friends,
I wanted to share my recent experiences with Pure Montana Meats (formerly known as Quality Meats of Montana).
During my years of producing premium meats for direct markets, I had a fantastic relationship with the folks at Quality Meats. They were truly working to be a positive member of our community. They worked very hard to provide a service to locals, from those raising a backyard steer, to farmers and ranchers having their own meat processed for their family consumption, to hunters wanting their wild game processed, to direct marketers such as myself who produce a moderate number of animals, all needing to be processed for direct sale. I know for certain that they would go for literally months without a day off in the fall so they could accommodate local producers, hunters, and 4-H and FFA youth, during the busiest part of the year. They didn’t do it for themselves as I know they were so tired, but to fill a need in the community.
In my own experiences, the folks at Quality Meats bent over backwards to procure and use specialty seasonings and nitrate-free cure so I could build my business by filling a desire of a particular segment of consumers. I have asked other processors in my area, but Quality Meats was the only one willing to take it on.
However, although the people who purchased the packing plant have stated they want to be members of the community, that could not be further from the truth. Do not believe it. They have refused to honor long scheduled dates for locals. In fact, they have closed entirely to any processing except their own wholesale business. Do you think they called me to let me know this? No. Although when originally notified about the sale, we were all told they would contact us with any changes, it never happened. After hearing lots of rumors, I finally called them. I was told they could “probably” accommodate me, but if I didn’t receive a call in the next week, to call back. Of course, they didn’t call, so I did, only to be informed they were not doing any other processing.
Keep in mind, animals raised for meat are not very flexible in the dates in which they must be butchered. So, since I scheduled my dates back in March, and didn’t know there was a problem until July, I am now not able to get my animals in to be butchered elsewhere until May 2021. I am feeding animals for an extra six - nine months, by which time their quality will not be as good because they will be tough, not meeting the expectations of my customers. And of course, this is not just me. It is also several friends and peers who also direct market their animals, who have taken reservations from people months ago for meat to be delivered this fall, not to mention all the individuals out there planning on having their families’ freezers filled by processing at the local pack.
And as for his claim, when I told him he was screwing people, that no, he was helping people, well, BULLPOOP. So Reynolds Market gets meat from him. Does Walmart? No. Does Albertson’s? No. Is there anyone else in town he is helping? I will bet that with the capacity at that plant, that most of the meat is heading to his Billings market, where they already own two plants. This is just one more taking advantage of the pandemic to buy cattle low and sell meat high, while also coincidentally, making it really difficult for any producers who might compete with them. They are using the Miles City community to line their own pockets.
Well, as I told him, the pandemic is not going to last forever and bridges burned in Miles City are not rebuilt.
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