Broadus Interchange construction lights & Routing
Posted by [email protected] (+20) 2 years ago
I drive through the construction at least 2 times a day every day and I have come to the conclusion that whenever they have the single lane traffic that there would be a better way to flow the traffic than what they are doing now.

Currently they stop every entry point except the one that is set to move through. While this works, why could they not have been allowing the one going through ( offramp ) a greenlight and the other one from the same direction ( Haynes ) a yellow light. It would allow cars to go through when clear and not make the traffic completely stop when the current green light sits empty.

Once the offramp green is over, the Haynes could turn green and off ramp yellow. When Haynes turns red, turn the offramp red. Repeat for the other offramp and Hwy 59 approach.

It seems to me it would clear more cars that way.