Facts of Life in REAL LAW
Posted by Rob Shipley (+471) one year ago
No one should feel bad about the destruction at my home last Monday; except it was all done with Y O U R wasted tax dollars and never any money from the mayor or the city attorney or the errant police officer.
These less than normal people always use Y O U R money to abuse and mistreat people and steal property illegally.
The sad facts are the millions of Americans suffering this past 90 days rage in these big cities. They have no one to sue, to bring to justice.
Father GOD and I both know all the people who committed this despicably insane crime. Will they all be sued and brought into court and will justice abound?
Is the Pope a catholic?
Rob Shipley, sui juris for Christ.
In the law, sui juris is way above "pro se" [not represented by lawyers}; sui juris means, "acceptance of all matters upon my own mantle".
GOD provided I kicked the stuffing out of the IRS, and, GOD provided I kicked the stuffing out of Bank of America for $85,000...……...so, GOD will either provide me justice for all the illegal array last Monday, or He will not.
The fools trust secular factions.....I trust GOD.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+17321) one year ago
Rob, my understanding is that the local municipality of Miles City did not cause this police action.

My understanding is that this was ordered by the federal government, under the direct orders of President Donald J. Trump.

I could be wrong about this, but so far Tucker Carlson of FOX News has been a pretty straight shooter. I would take up your complaint to FOX News.

Good luck as always,

Your friend in Jesus,
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