Posted by Rob Shipley (+458) 8 months ago
What has been misperceived at my home has been hauled away.
In the law, the REAL LAW, in order for any property to have been a PUBLIC NUISANCE, the *** public **** had to have actually suffered a real injury.
1. No one ever was restricted free travel along South 4th Street owing my valuable merchandise for sale every I make my good living here in Miles City... buying and selling.
2. No one was ever restricted free travel along the cross street, Mississippi.
3. According FEDERAL LAW from the U.S. Supreme Court...the curtilage...belonging
to any and every citizen of the United States of America.....ALL OF THE STUFF AROUND anyone's and everyone's home or to be treated and accepted as if it was within the home per the Fourth Amendment of the U. S. Constitution which was P O U N D E D O U T O N
T H E A N V I L O F J U S T I C E for eleven {11] years to be the main protection of the people F O R E V E R from the government.
4. The two [2} white limousines were not junk cars. They needed new batteries.
Each of them were *** Christian Ministry Cars*** and each had banners on them from ABC GLASS...…." When HE was on the Cross we were on HIS mind". "Noah had no harbor, think about it." The license plate on the 14 passenger Lincoln is...…..T Y G F E......Thank YOU GOD For Everything.

Would people in their right minds, people who loved GOD and believed in Jesus Christ, want to illegally steal such tributes to our Lord and have them crushed ?

They were.....*** supposedly*** removed to abate a public nuisance. They have already been SOLD to be crushed.

Holy Father GOD will either provide they be restored to their rightful owner and not be crushed and wasted, or, He will not. IT IS WHAT IT IS.
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+763) 7 months ago

I have known you for a lot of years. I understand your dilemma, but unlike me you fail to understand your neighbors dilemma / issues with your mess. I am not going to go into the whole issue either for or against it, but I am going to tell you that there are 2 easy solutions for your problem.

1. Take part of your monthly income and put a wooden fence around your property in its entirety thus keeping your things out of peoples sight.

2 Buy yourself a piece of property, put up a pole barn, fence the parameter with a wooden fence. You could even recreate your pawnshop (if that is what you called your building by the tracks that you could not even hardly walk through). This would allow you to collect whatever you want and keep the public and city officials happy.

When My brother Fred ( Buddy ) went through his car / car part hoarding stage he was able to put up a chain link fence with inserts in it to keep things partially hidden. Even though it was still seeable it was enough to keep everyone from causing an issue with it.
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Posted by The Scot (-15) 7 months ago

I still don't understand why you simply don't draw up a Federal Criminal complaint and go before a Federal Judge.

Try criminal first, if that fails your only option is to Federaly proaecute the case in civil court.

Restitution would be much easier to collect than a civil judgement.

Screaming about it obline resolves nothing
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