Wonderful People of Miles City
Posted by Rob Shipley (+458) 8 months ago
Those of you who do not like me nor my Shipley family legacy will not accept this 2000% TRUTH anyway.
Those of you who like me and know I know sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
more about the Bible and Constitution and all law in general than all city attorneys combined will enjoy this.
A. The more than $75,000 of private property STOLEN UNDER OF LAW today
from owned property has to all be paid for by the City as per the, "just compensation ", clauses of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Only fools believe any government entity can blatantly STEAL.
+++++ Judge HAYWORTH is a just judge and a GENUINE ASSET to the City of Miles City and the entire Montana Judiciary as a whole. +++++++
1. He did not order the City could destroy three chest freezers full of $ 900 worth of meat; steal $30,000 worth of antiques; steal an almost new $119 Ames
wheelbarrow; steal any wrapped under canvas tarps $1,997 red leather Natuzzi sofas; steal any $799 deluxe green leather lounge chairs; or, steal four small refrigerators full of new milk and Gatorade and frozen bacon.
HB 133 passed into law in 2017 specifies government MUST prove how all confiscated property in a criminal prosecution actually contributed to the crime.
Judge Hayworth held no intention the City was to...……….completely wipe me out, only, remove "certain" items which were actually contributing to public nuisance.
I do not believe any of you readers and fellow Americans want the City to destroy all of the property on your concrete porch.

Rob Shipley
sui juris for Christ
Holy Father GOD brought me through the head on collision with a truck in 1967;
the kidnapping at gunpoint behind the Range Riders Bar in 1985; provided I beat the IRS from 1999 through 2008; and, gave me His victory over Bank of America in 2014 when BofA wrote off the $85,000 mortgage on this home.
GOD will either save me or He will not.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+16310) 8 months ago
Wishing you the best, Rob.
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