Big crowd in South Dakota . . .
Posted by Dick Ellingson (+1332) 2 years ago
. . . no, not Trump's piddling 7,500 at Mount Rushmore. Just 51 miles north is Sturgis, South Dakota where, five weeks from now, they're expecting half a million people.

August 5 thru 16, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will take place with the full approval and blessing of the City Council.

While many outdoor summer events have been canceled or greatly modified for the year of COVID, the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is throttling forward. The City Council approved the event on Monday night with an 8 to 1 vote, bringing a final answer to weeks of uncertainty about the festival.

Last year's official rally attendance was 490,000. That's about seventy times more bigly than Trump's teeny little thing.

Posted by Steve Sullivan (+1430) 2 years ago
September 15, 2020

And in the news today - Covid19 rates skyrocket in all 50 states after Sturgis Rally. 2 million deaths expected.
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Posted by Earl Bennett (+992) 2 years ago
Reply to Steve Sullivan (#380047)
Come on Steve you ride a bide out in the open air (ok pedal) , I hear parking there is gonna be a treat..., how can that go bad? Maybe if we just add beer
Posted by redmondroughneck (+85) 2 years ago
Well if protests are encouraged, why not all rally's?
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Posted by David Schott (+18391) 2 years ago
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Were protests encouraged and sanctioned by government entities? Or were they tolerated due to first amendment rights?