Fourth of July parade and county fair
Posted by Larry W. Dann (+52) 3 years ago
Is there going to be a 4th of July parade? Has the County Fair been cancelled?
Posted by Shu Pius (+1794) 3 years ago
according to the Chamber of Commerce website, the parade is cancelled:

the same website, as of about a month ago, said the Fair is still on, though some of the events that go with it, such as the demolition derby, are cancelled:


Being that was a month ago, plans may have changed.
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Posted by TheDude (+653) 3 years ago
That would indicate the tractor pull is also cancelled. I went to the fair last year for the first time in years.I was disappointed in the number of entries[crafts,artwork,garden produce,etc.]I realized I hadn't been doing my part to support the fair when I never attended.I do realize that there are a lot more things for people to do these days.Im afraid the county fair might eventually go the way of the Sears catalog-something I always looked forward to that is no longer.
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