Old clothes, towels etc for garden mulch
Posted by Don Birkholz (+1228) 8 months ago
Several years ago I took care of a friend's garden who lived a mile away. Thinking of ways to reduce the time going there to water, I decided to use an old large wool or cotton towel for mulch around the tomatoes. When watered, the water goes thru the fabric, keeps the ground moist for days and also keeps the roots warmer and keeps down the bindweed. Now I am using old clothes for mulch around my newly planted trees and some of the plants in my garden. (The clothes are removed in the fall and there is no composting involved.) I am branching into some color coordination. Most plants are green so I am using all green clothes (from the recycle center) for moss roses which seem to need constant wet soil. The only other nongreen plants I have are purple cabbage and I use dark blue/purple clothes for mulch for purple cabbage. I am considering going in another phase and trying out old bras for mulch for bra ccoli. (From the recycle center, of course.)
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