The Part of Thought
Posted by MontanaAggie (+18) 2 years ago
I would like to remind everyone as the ballots go out that this is the primary and at the moment the Libertarian candidate for office will not appear on the ballot in our area. In the general election there will be a L on the ballot for the office of House District.This is a huge office for us in our state as the current holder is a career politician n and the other republican seeking the office is someone who has no true thoughts on liberty. The candidate for house district in our area Jacob Kitson is someone who has a thought out principle on Liberty, Personal Freedoms, And the constitution. The purpose of Government is to serve not to be served by the people. I encourage everyone who reads this to look into the third party candidates this cycle. It is not just R and D there is a active party in our state that truly represents our state and principles please look into Jacob Kitson House District 37 Candidate. #VoteJake4State
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