are you getting unemployment
Posted by akgreg56 (+159) 2 years ago
i would like to here if anybody is having problem getting pay by unemployment.   my self got two checks at regular benifits. but then they gave me the 600 a week. and sence they put me on that its been 5 weeks with no checks. cant get ahold of them. if you are in same boat would like to know. call greg at 406 981-1749. or email [email protected]
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18347) 2 years ago
I am working, but friends and family all report that no one that they know of who ahave been laid off recently that have received a check.

Maybe, similar to 1932, disgruntled unemployed workers not receiving the benefits passed by Congress might want consider a move to Washington DC to temporarily set up a "Trumpville"?

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