Cattle Dying
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15423) 2 years ago
There once was a place where cattle were dying. They were dying for lack of salt, a vital nutrient.

No one knew what to do. Then along came Insane Paul. He was called that because he had weird scientific ideas no one at the time thought of other than silly. “A crackpot, insane” He was called.

But Insane Paul figured out a way to “make” salt.

“I’ve been studying electricity” said he. “I have discovered that if you pass an electric current through sea water, salt will be attracted to the cathode. It will build up and become solid. Then the cattle can come over and lick the salt.”

Nutty, but the people decided to give it a try for nothing else worked. But lo and behold, this did! There was an abundance of salt, and the cattle came to lick and were saved!

“A miracle!” they cried. “Paul is not insane longer. Henceforth he is to be known as Sane Paul.”

And to commemorate it, they constructed a church on the site. And today it is still known as Sane Paul’s Cathode Lick Church.
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Posted by Bob Netherton III (+2776) 2 years ago
its a somewhat convoluted and complicated pun but I like it.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18349) 2 years ago
Given the title of this thread, I thought for sure it was going to be about chemtrails.

I was about to crown Richard the New King of the Prairie Ecosystem.