FREE + PERFECT represenation of Public Nuisance
Posted by Rob Shipley (+476) one year ago
I will very sincerely accept onto my mantel any and all goofy and 2000% criminally insane charges of Maintaining a Public Nuisance anywhere in Miles City.
I will gain JUST acquittals of all charges. FREE FREE FREE
Legal Technical Expert. 234-2477
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Posted by MilesCityNative (+30) one year ago
But weren't you just convicted again in District Court? Or did I read that incorrectly in another thread?

What is a "Legal Technical Expert"? Are you a lawyer?

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Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+14936) one year ago

I suspect in your own mind you view yourself a s Gerry Spence want-a-be. I admire your "never pull out" spirit. I want to say and suggest in the kindest way possible that you discontinue these kinds of posts. Your are giving those who can use the law more ammunition. What you've said in this thread borders on practicing law without a license.

I'd really encourage you, for your own health and well being to simply walk away from the keyboard. Find yourself a camera and go take some pictures of nature or something else that interests you. Please take care of yourself

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