Bryan Garrett
Posted by Bryan Peters (+14) 3 months ago
Some of you folks know me as Bryan Garrett. I lived on and off in this one horse town. While living here I had many good influences. Most of them school teachers. A few to mention (sorry I can't remember first names) Mrs Peterson 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Denson Science teacher and most of all Mr. Sawyer (music teacher). These were some of the most influential people of my life. While many of you were living the small town life talking poop and knowing most people's business these people were educating your children. These people inspired me to be much more than most people valued me for. There are some other teachers like Mrs Wolf (2nd grade teacher) who bought me a coat once when I didn't have one and Mrs Flowers (4th grade teacher) who cut me a break when I spent two months in ICU for a ruptured appendix. These people showed me care and compassion when I didn't see it at home. The only reason I am making this post is because I want you to know the people who have influenced my success in life. I had to move from this town to find it and had a very rough journey along the way. But today I have not only found success as an IT professional for one of the largest companies on the planet but have started building my own empire. I have earned a college degree and many certificates including endorsements from the National Security Agency. Because of people like Mr. Sawyer I was inspired to learn an instrument and create music. Because of Mrs. Wolf I learned compassion. I learned a lot from the education I received in this small town. This post is to remind you to forget your small town bullpoop and focus on your dreams. My current dream is to become a known musician. Today I am recording in a studio and am friends with musicians like Billy Droze. Tomorrow you will know me as Bryan Peters. Look out for me in Nashville Tennessee.

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Posted by Amorette Allison (+10189) 3 months ago
Mr. Sawyer lives about a block a way. I will send him a note telling him about this.
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