Complete Eradication of MCPD Worst Ever Cop
Posted by Rob Shipley (+477) 2 years ago
Miles City suffers under the worst ever corruption of a single rotten and crooked cop. He is addicted to pornography { and probably child porn as well } and is a proven pathological liar. He lies with impunity to everyone all the time.

This entry into this forum,, is 100% legal as per the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This jerk is solely responsible for the eight million five hundred thousand dollar [$ 8,500,000 } lawsuit filed against the City, April 12, 2019.
Why don't hundreds of you good people help me get this sewer monster out of our wonderful town ????
As per the Miles City Star, Monday, February 3rd...……..he has hassled 135 people in 2019 alone.
Thank you. 234-2477
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Posted by Bob Netherton III (+2778) 2 years ago
Oh for....!
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