Truth Existing in Miles City
Posted by Rob Shipley (+460) one year ago
As my civic duty, I have volunteered to testify for the Denver District Attorney in the matter of Eric Brandt threatening a judge. I expect their acceptance email this week. One of the very best ever democrats who ever lived was an Air Force veteran from Massachusetts who relocated to Miles City. He was the Custer County Attorney who sued for my family a man who stole fifty-three [53]no brand Hereford calves who became a district judge. The Freemen threatened to kill him. And, I know all about all of this because eleven [11} years earlier I was kidnapped at gunpoint right here in Miles City.
This effort as an American citizen having knowledge of how to prevent crimes is required of all Americans and all public officials. In order to get stopped the public nuisance vendetta which has wasted more than $ 300,000 of taxpayer money since 2006, I am also suing the governor of Montana and the state director of DPHHS. In either March or April when I can get away and get to Los Angeles and get it, I will have in Miles City a beautiful lipstick red Lincoln limousine bearing on the truck lid an Alan Hofer sign, " Gift from DPHHS ", with the Helena and Miles City DPHHS telephone numbers.

Rob Shipley
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