Truth Existing in Miles City
Posted by Rob Shipley (+458) one year ago
In April, 2019, was filed an $8,500,000 lawsuit in Forsyth. The worst of twelve {12} defendants is ACO winkley. Owing the mountain of facts and evidence against him, his bonding and/or insurance company, as a police officer, will pay off like a slot machine.
Anyone, anywhere, having issues with the despicably insane and egregious never ending illegal persecutions from aforesaid crooked cop, who wish to join in this lawsuit which will most assuredly become a class action, please email me, call me, anytime, 27 hours a day or night.
[email protected] 234-2477
No one is being asked to fund anything; only submit evidence and/or depositions, and, be listed to enjoy in the sharing of the V E R Y LARGE COURT AWARD of tax free cash.
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