No more Badlands Bowl after this year
Posted by Shu Pius (+1778) one year ago
Some sad news. After 27 years the Montana/North Dakota high school all-star game, more commonly known as the Badlands Bowl, will cease operations. This summer the last game in the series will be played:

I admit I only got around to seeing one of the games in person, but it was at Connors Stadium (Denton Field at the time) and it was a darn good one: the one in '96 which North Dakota won 23-22. No. Dak was trailing most of the game but put together a couple late drives to steal it...yeah, I'd rather have seen Montana win, but it was still a great game to see.

Sadly most of the other games in this series have not been so close which I'm guessing factored into the decision to pull the plug.

A pat on the back to the Reid brothers and all others who were involved in making this series happen over the last 3 decades! It's been a great run. Cheers!
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Posted by Shu Pius (+1778) 9 months ago
Sadly, but not surprisingly, the final Badlands Bowl will not be played at all:


Coach Regan of the Cowboys was to be the head coach for the Montana team.

The East-West Shrine Game was also cancelled about a month ago...pretty much all the all-star games are goners this year.

Can't help but feel bad for all the graduating seniors; not just the athletes who were to play in these games, but also all students who didn't have proms, graduation ceremonies and other events. Just sad.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11233) 9 months ago
Lot of reasons it went. Nobody wanted to take over running it. Colleges don't want football players that they own to play any games outside the regular season. Corporate sponsorships drying it. And Nobody wanting to take over running it. Not a football fan but it was such fun.