No more Badlands Bowl after this year
Posted by Shu Pius (+1642) 25 days ago
Some sad news. After 27 years the Montana/North Dakota high school all-star game, more commonly known as the Badlands Bowl, will cease operations. This summer the last game in the series will be played:

I admit I only got around to seeing one of the games in person, but it was at Connors Stadium (Denton Field at the time) and it was a darn good one: the one in '96 which North Dakota won 23-22. No. Dak was trailing most of the game but put together a couple late drives to steal it...yeah, I'd rather have seen Montana win, but it was still a great game to see.

Sadly most of the other games in this series have not been so close which I'm guessing factored into the decision to pull the plug.

A pat on the back to the Reid brothers and all others who were involved in making this series happen over the last 3 decades! It's been a great run. Cheers!
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