Good luck to Mike Person!
Posted by Shu Pius (+1792) 3 years ago
This website does, of course, have a lot of postings proclaiming that GLENDIVE SUCKS!!!...however, right now Glendive does have one thing Miles City doesn' of their own playing in the upcoming Super Bowl:


Not sure which team I'm pulling for: I find a lot to like about both Kansas City and San Fran even though neither is "my team".

Best of luck to Mike Person win or lose! Any time a kid comes from a small Montana town and makes it to the BIG TIME like this, that's always a good story as far as I'm concerned.
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Posted by Bob Netherton III (+2770) 3 years ago
Mike made it through without any penalties and played every offensive snap as far as I could tell.Way to go, kid!
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