Posted by MontanaAggie (+20) 4 years ago
Isnt it wonderful how the division among us is so strong? Why? You may ask. For the simple fact that this is exactly how every totalitarian style regime has come to rise. And not by my account but by History's. If one thing is clear it is the amount of times that the overreach of Government into private lives oft if not always leads to rebellion or civil and/or social wars. One of those three clearly is already here based on merely party line if not anything else. Left v.s Right has created a defacto side a invetiable pick one or die sorta speak situation. And again you may find yourselves asking why is this a good thing? Simply put because the aspects of The Republic far out way the aspects of straight Democracy,( that is what the left would have you forget(see 2016 election)) and that means we the people have a obligation to do our part and not listen to the established powers and corrupt political structures but stand up and Run, Vote, Voice your opinion and become involved. No matter if you agree with the current political parties the impeachment or not this is the time for US to take back our country. We should be coming together to further the portions of what our Founders set in place and that is come together to shape a Government that the world looks to but does not rely on. We should be the example not the contractors of Constitutional style Democracy abroad not directly involved. If anything we to should be looking at what examples we want to leave. The world is watching, the country is watching, and our children are watching. What will we do different than those before us. Sit silent while one party build the means of destruction and the other promotes those same means across the world.I ask we remember the Mythos that makes us the great beacon to the world.
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Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18757) 4 years ago
I agree, the NATO summit shows that the entire free world is laughing at us and our urine-soaked orange scoundrel of a president. Praise the framers of our constitution to have the foresight to include the impeachment process.

The Republicans are colluding with the Russians in their efforts to thwart our democratic processes. Their current stupid argument is the dumbest thing I ever heard. "It was Ukraine, not the Russians, who meddled in the 2016 election because they wanted Hillary to win. That's why they hacked into the Democratic National Committee server!"

Just read that, over and over. Think about how stupid that is. Truly the Republicans are cynical SOBs who think that the American public are that stupid. Well, 40 percent of us seem to be.

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