Beware Of Brenda Berg!
Posted by SamanthaHellickson (+17) 10 months ago
she is a very evil woman! Please don't let her exploit any other people like she did our dad!

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Posted by David Schott (+15186) 10 months ago
Sounds like good advice.

“To say that her criminal history is horrific is an understatement,” said Gallatin County District Judge Mike Salvagni. “Her criminal history is simply outrageous. This criminal history is one of the most serious ones that I have seen sitting up here on this bench.”

That criminal history includes felony convictions for forgery, theft, deceptive practices, exploitation of an older or disabled person, issuing a fraudulent check and larceny. Those convictions spanned Gallatin, Carbon and Yellowstone counties as well as in Nebraska.

“She’s a crook, pure and simple,” Salvagni said.