Friendship Goals: Jobie by Hissa
Posted by Karen L. Morris (+2320) 4 years ago
Meet Hissa. She is our very special friend in Brazil that has been translating my cards to Portuguese for quite some time. We met when we were all in an international Beauty group sponsored by The Body Shop (Mom was the token bovine kisser in overalls and I was the token male). The translations started when her Mum was very sick with that bad "C" word. We offered what we had--my cards--to cheer her Mum. Hissa explained that her Mum could not speak English so we asked her to translate for us (not trusting our skills). She did so and has continued even though her Mum healed. Many times, it was not convenient with her schedule; however, Hissa always made time for us.

Mom and I have talked about what will happen when that inevitable day comes that we are no longer here. We wondered if anyone would remember what it has all been about. Hissa has resolved that question. She sent Mom an email the night before her birthday saying I had asked for her help. Mom opened it to find that Hissa had designed the most wonderful card imaginable to be used for our August card! Hissa didn't think it was good enough (she's overly humble). Mom was so in awe she had to verify we could really use it. Hissa said yes and also provided it in Portuguese. We asked her to put it in her art gallery on RedBubble so others could share it more easily. She has done that for us. We feel as if we have been immortalized--rather like Pooh and Piglet walking paw in paw into the sunset (I, of course, am Pooh since I'm the better philosopher and Mom has to be Piglet because she's always scurrying about on those short legs of hers).

Hissa's one flaw is that she truly does not realize how very talented she is. Our friendship goal is to help show her. We hope to get enough traffic to her art gallery for her to become a featured artist. We need your assistance to do this. Please visit Hissa's gallery at and click on some of the artwork (we're confident you will like what you see). After you click on the artwork, you will see "Artist Notes" which is what Hissa wrote about the piece, as well as the search words (yes, Miles City, Montana is on ours). "Comments" is what others have written about the piece (including us). There is no obligation to buy anything (unless, of course, you are inspired to do so--the artist gets a small percentage). "Likes" (hearts) are wonderful so Hissa knows which are the favorites. Please share the link with others that you know. Mom has been asking people to do this as she has been handing out my hard copy cards and HIssa wrote last night and told her that traffic has already greatly increased. She said "I just love how supportive people seem to be in Miles City!!! That warms my heart so much! " Please help us show Hissa that the members of "Jobie's Family" are ALL supportive. We thank you for being one of those and for sharing the love that it truly is all about.


Friendship Goals by Hissa by Jobie Morris, on Flickr

Friendship Goals by Hissa Portuguese by Jobie Morris, on Flickr
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