Miles City Wonderful People have paid $750,000
Posted by Rob Shipley (+473) one year ago
in annual salaries to a Deputy City Attorney who has NEVER in nineteen (19) and more years, ever HELD LEGAL STANDING before the courts owing he never bothered to ever......SWEAR, sign, and have SEALED, his mandated by the U.S. Constitution and Constitution of the State of Montana............Oath of Office.
You wonderful and just Americans just keep paying him and paying him and paying him and paying him, month in and month out, year in and year out......and every day of the last more than seven thousand (7,000) he has acted the imposter................which is HIGH TREASON in the law........masquerading as an officer of the court.
Federal law provides federal prison time of five (5) years and a fine of two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000). He has delighted himself in LYING to every citizen in Miles City for nearly twenty (20) years.
Just like the Energizer Bunny...........he just goes on and goes on and goes on and goes on and goes on and goes on.

Thank you, sincerely, "Ship"
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Posted by Scotterdog (-228) one year ago
File a federal criminal complaint Rob. It's a 1 page form, then go before the US Magistrate in Billings and swear to it under oath.

Then watch a poopstorm decend upon them.

If you need the form let me know.