"Eat with Poor Old Honest Dick"
Posted by Rob Shipley (+439) one year ago
Dick Welbes leased the Beacon Café from the Shipleys for years and years, about 1950 through the late 1960s I believe. Dick had matchbooks printed, "Eat with Poor Old Honest Dick". The Welbes family were legends in Miles City.
Poor old honest Dave Thompson worked for Beacon Carter Tire Service on 7th Street in the early '70s when I was in the Navy.
But, in June, 2019, he was dragged into City Court with a piece of s**t ILLEGAL MCPD Complaint. When he wanted his appointed legal counsel to assist him before the City Judge during arraignment............he was DENIED this constitutional right.
Business as usual in...Boomtown, USA, where the City wa$te$ all of the money.

Rob Shipley
Posted by Bridgier (+8400) one year ago
I see this experiment is working out well.
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