The WONDERFUL People Who Are Miles City, Montana
Posted by Rob Shipley (+390) 23 days ago
2,000% truth chiseled in granite. My wonderful and genius parents, R.D. "Ship" and Mary Shipley, lived and loved in Miles City as legends. They arrived in December, 1945, poor as church mice having just gone through WWII. They borrowed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) from Phil Fortin, Yale Oil Corporation, Billings, and bought The Beacon Oil Company from Cliff White. When they sold the Beacon and W&S Propane Company to Bob and Agnes Cremer in 1982 it was a three million four hundred thousand dollar ($3,400,000) deal.
Dad and Mom became self-made millionaires in this WONDERFUL town they loved and put their hearts into !!!!!!!!!!! And all the city government of Miles City ever tries to do: a. incarcerate people b. wa$te a$ many taxpayer dollar$ a$ they can c. $pend every City Council meeting telling each other how very $mart they all are d. and.....wa$te well over $300,000 buried deeply in ILLEGAL prosecutions of anyone and everyone they can put their hex on.
Please, GOOD PEOPLE. stay tuned and standby for some more juicy *ILLEGAL* tidbits of what the City Court did to Dave Thompson and a sweetheart young woman from Terry............................."Ship"