The $8,500,000 PROPERLY filed and ACCEPTED lawsuit
Posted by Rob Shipley (+479) 3 years ago
Will I win it? Is the Pope a catholic? Of course I will win. The judge is the former very best ever reputed county attorney in America. Judge Nickolas K. Murnion of the 1996 Freemen ordeal. He will never allow the City thugs of Miles City to get past his MOST HONORABLE court.
Aliens like E.T. from Deep, Deep, Deep Outer Space have all (thousands and thousands of them ) been shaking their little misshapen heads for more than thirteen (13) years.
The city government of Miles City since August, 2006, has been DOING EXACTLY WHAT CUSTER DID......try to make history..... by all forcing the city into bankruptcy.
Custer got two hundred twenty-one (221) soldiers murdered; these City People are murdering YOUR City General Fund...."It's just money, so no big deal."

Thank you, sincerely,

Posted by Scotterdog (-226) 3 years ago
The only justice you will see is if you transfer this case to federal court. Watch out for that little thing called immunity. Your appointed prosecuter judge knows this well.

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Posted by cobootsnpearls (+35) 2 years ago
Ummm Custer’s men died armed, fighting in a war. The Battle of the Little Big Horn was a lot of things but murder it was not. The Sioux and Cheyenne didn’t have many victories is it really necessary to steal their only significant victory by calling it murder?
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