All Miles City taxpayers SHOULD REVOLT
Posted by Rob Shipley (+473) one year ago
City has wa$ted more than $300,000 *illegally* prosecuting me for "Maintaining a Public Nuisance". Pauper joey whalen, when mayor, did it, Butch Grenz did it, twice (2x); and, mayor Hollowell even tried it once until he sobered up.
Last August, eleven (11) months ago now, ACO Mark Winkley, started it again.........PN 6.........Public Nuisance Sixth Event.
The Sixteenth (16th) Judicial District Court in Forsyth received a properly filed lawsuit COMPLAINT April 12, 2019, seeking eight million five hundred thousand dollars($8,500,000) in legal remedy for all of this.....wa$te of TAXPAYER DOLLARS... and $loth in the MORAL and ETHICS Department of City Hall..... and government CRIME against the citizenry.
A. The lawsuit has been in process three plus (3+) months.
It is "living" and valid, because the SUMMONSES were accepted and processed for service. Every one (1) of the twelve (12) lawbreakers being sued all know they are. Seven (7) of the eight ( 8 ) members of City Council {{{{ excluding John Hollowell, owing he at least tries, even though terribly ILLEGAL and WRONG 85% of the time, he at least "tries" }}}}.....Neanderthal ACO Winkley, DCA Noble and City Judge Ken ( + ) (+ ) (+)....two (2) atheists in DPHHS.
Yesterday I received in regular mail a nineteen (19) page document from DCA Jeff Noble. THIS document COST you Miles City taxpayers at least $1,000 to produce. It is a request for time for discovery because the City.......Winkley and Noble....are going to FIGHT their ILLEGAL conviction being appealed to the 16th court..........when they STOLE my right to a jury trial in violation of the Constitution and Bible and everything REASONABLE and SANE of a civilized people.
This "trial de novo" ( new trial ) in the 16th Court will only wa$te another $15,000 to $25,000 of.............your tax dollars.

Thank you............."Ship"