Yellowstone Journal Historical Supplement (1900)
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Hi everyone. I found this in my genealogy archives. It's a reproduction of an "Illustrated and Historical Edition of the Yellowstone Journal" from 1900. It has lots of old history in it and was quite large (11" x 16") to scan.

Illustrated and Historical Edition
The Yellowstone Journal
Miles City, Montana
Thursday, September 27, 1900

This edition is a reproduction of a historical supplement written by Sam Gordon, editor of The Yellowstone Journal for 33 years, and published September 27, 1900. It is a history of Custer County and the towns of Miles City, Forsyth, Ekalaka and Wibaux for the 24 years following the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Not a word of the text or a photo has been changed. The cover and all the pages were photographed and reprinted in their original format, with but one exception: The original price was 25 cents; after nearly 76 years of inflation, the price of the 1976 edition is $2.50. For mail orders, add 35 cents for postage and handling.

If you want a copy, you can download or view it here:

Regards, Larry
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