The Bear Creek Sheep Raid
Posted by Forest B. Dunning (+25) 2 years ago
On December 28,1900 eleven men rode into a Daut/Selway sheep camp at Otter, Montana, held up the herder, and clubbed to death 2113 head of sheep. A "conspiracy of silence" about the event settled on the Otter/Birney communities for the last 118 years. The first definitive information on who led the raid and men who were participants was first disclosed in an article in the 1974 Winter Edition of the Montana History Magazine. Lyman Brewster of the Quarter Circle U Ranch named the leaders as John B. Kendrick of the OW Ranch and his father George Brewster. Also identified were ranchers Charles Thex, "Booker" Lacy, Horton Boal (Buffalo Bill Cody's son-in-law), "Barney" Hall, and cowboys William Munson, Walt Sneider, Frank McKinney, "Tug" Wilson, and J.H. "Shorty" Cadell. This event has been briefly discussed in this forum but full information has been in short supply. A recent book titled "Slaughter On the Otter" discloses substantially new information which may be of interest to readers of this forum.
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