Water Damage
Posted by BONNIE CURRAN (+3) one year ago
Looking for someone to help with water damage in my crawl space. Does anyone in the Miles City area do this kind of work? contact me at [email protected]
Posted by ga.res (+2) one year ago
Hi Bonnie,
I had that problem in 2010-11 when I lived on Lynam Dr. Danny Stokes came over and we determined the water/moisture was coming in because there was a lot of rain that winter/spring. It had eroded the earth along one side of the house. It was evident after going into the crawl space that is where the moisture was coming in. He suggested I get a hold of someone to come and pour a concrete sidewalk/slab along that side. I then went out and purchased a de-humidifer and put it down there to suck the water out. For about 4-5 weeks I had to empty the container about 5-6 times a day.
It would be a good idea, if you live in a two story house, such as I did, that you have the retaining wall checked.
Hope this helps. Jan