Lt. E.W. "Ned" Casey and Cheyenne Scouts at Ft. K.
Posted by Travis Kale (+13) 2 years ago
I would appreciate anyone with news, memories or stories of Lt. Casey and the Cheyenne Indian Scouts under his command at Ft. Keogh in the late 1800s, specifically as it relates to the history of Miles City or Ft. Keogh. Respond here, or email me at [email protected] I can be reached by phone at the Star by phone 406/234-0450 ext. 1011 THANKS
Posted by ike eichler (+1226) 2 years ago
Check Photographer on an Army Mule by Barthlemess and google plenty horses for a start
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Posted by Dave Roberts (+1501) 2 years ago
I've lost count and am a thousand miles from home but I have a few "Photographer on and Army Mule" and will send you one if you don't have access and want it.

Christian Barthelmess' son, Casey, had a son named Randy who was my ENT physician when I slammed into a tree while skiing at Red Lodge more than 30 years ago and I'll pick up the book whenever I find it on eBay for a remotely reasonable $, just because I guess?