Looking for that perfect Christmas gift?
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+17485) 3 years ago

As a staunch supporter of the President of These United States I could not be more pleased with my Donald Trump,Original Trump Toilet Brush, Make Toilet Great Again, Commander In Crap.

The President is not known as a brown nose, unless he is around a great dictator like Putin, but he is willing to get his nose brown for me. And that's what makes him our greatest president ever, his willing to get right in the toilet and clean it up.

Make your toilet bowl great again by keeping it spick and span with this Trump toilet brush. Forty-five won’t disappoint as he puts his glorious golden faux-locks to work to drain that porcelain swamp. Your toilet is going to look so good folks, believe me.

- 15 inch Brush with Holder,Trump hands actual size.
- Trump may appear useful when scrubbing the rim
- For external use only
- Just Grab them by the handle...for those tough cleaning jobs.

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Posted by Hal Neumann (+9960) 3 years ago
Got one to give my Mother-in-Law for Christmas. They’re a bargain on amazon: $2.28 + $2 shipping.
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