Powder River HS former teacher Popelka passes
Posted by Don Birkholz (+1439) 4 years ago
She taught in Broadus for 17 years, witnessed the WW II bombing in Germany, married a US soldier and moved to the US. For her obituary, type the following into the Google search engine (with quotes): "Ingeborg Edeltrout Popelka" The BH Pioneer article should be the first to appear.
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Posted by DJanssen (+370) 3 years ago
Reply to Don Birkholz (#377443)
Oh! just found out here now! Had her for Literature in Broadus. No nonsense and as I suspected a few years later and more so right now!, it came from some life experiences. As a dumb high school student like I was, never took any thought deeper than the class. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for a little background on her!

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