The Jobie Dragon
Posted by Karen L. Morris (+754) 10 months ago

Mystical. Magical. To me, it seems that I was really meant to be a dragon! The small catch is that my flying skills need a bit of work. Halloween isn't far away; however, I still have a wee bit of time to practice! So, keep your eye to the sky and you may just see me fly! Mom says I should probably add the caution that I am slightly bottom heavy so ducking may be advisable as I fly past. Never fear, I shall kiss anyone I accidentally bump!

Happy Halloween with Love!
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Posted by MR (+389) 9 months ago
Does Jobie still like pumpkins? Have some left from Halloween .
Posted by Karen L. Morris (+754) 9 months ago
Jobie still loves pumpkins! I've sent you an e-mail with the contact information. Thanks so much!

Jobie's Mom