Century Link
Posted by Ross (+132) 10 months ago
Pros and cons of Century Link for an Internet provider in Miles City?
Posted by nativemc (+411) 10 months ago
Never again. Tried them once and it was the worst service I ever endured. My internet was down and they scheduled me a week later because they didn't have anybody available to perform the service call. The person told me that they would adjust the bill accordingly but that didn't give me internet. learned my lesson the hard way.
Posted by TheDude (+249) 10 months ago
Agreed.Never again.Slow speed internet,plus they almost doubled the cost within a few months.
Posted by MCMTLG (+42) 10 months ago
I've had mostly positive experiences. $45 per month...doesn't change.

Wish they could compete bandwidth wise with cable. But still better than the world's most expensive cable internet from Midrivers. At least if you use anything beyond a minimal amount of data.
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Posted by SeptyTwo (+634) 10 months ago
I have to agree with the person above me. Pricing, always on (for me anyways)... no caps on bandwidth, and if you use Netflix and Hulu and other streaming apps a LOT, you are better off with CenturyLink.

The Midrivers speed seems a lot faster, but again, if you stream a lot of stuff, you WILL pay a lot with midrivers
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Posted by Ross (+132) 9 months ago
I am really surprised there hasn't been more responses.
Posted by David Schott (+13585) 9 months ago
Here's a question:

Of the Miles City area residential customers who can choose between CenturyLink and Mid-Rivers Communications, what percentage of those customers choose Mid-Rivers?

When I think of the people I exchange email with in Miles City they pretty much all have a Mid-Rivers email address.