Highway 12 "Hanging Tree"
Posted by Locate Lady (+25) 3 years ago
During the 1959 Stockgrowers Diamond Jubilee in Miles City, someone placed a hangman's noose is a dead tree high on a hill, above a curve, within a mile of the Powder River bridge. Who recalls the time? Who has pictures? The highway was rerouted many years ago, bypassing the spot.
Posted by Laura Jane Willson (+120) 3 years ago
My husband Norm said that he remembers very well that a good friend of his painted a picture of it. We have a pencil sketch hanging in out dining room that our son purchased at a store in Butte, The tree is right at the turnoff going into my grandparents' homestead on Smith Creek. We lived just a few miles from it. I went to first grad at Locate School when it was down by the river.
Posted by Southside (+11) 3 years ago
The tree is monument to travel on the old highway. I have a picture of me in ‘68 with the “hanging tree”. Now on private land?