$50,000 of Ukrainian Money to Trump Inauguration!
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2900) 2 years ago
Another plea agreement today!

Here's the latest:

"W. Samuel Patten, an associate of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, admitted on Friday that he paid $50,000 for tickets to President Donald Trump's inauguration for a pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch he was representing and another Russian individual.

The disclosure, included as part of a plea agreement Patten entered into with prosecutors, appears to be the first official confirmation that money from pro-Russian interests was funneled to the Trump inaugural committee in order to help foreigners gain access to events connected to Trump’s January 2017 swearing-in ceremony.

It is illegal for foreign nationals or foreign entities to contribute to a presidential inaugural committee.

"Former Manafort Associate Reveals Illegal Foreign Payment to Trump’s Inauguration: Patten also pleaded guilty to failing to register as a foreign agent" by Kyle Cheney and Josh Meyer, politico.com, August 31, 2018