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THE “FAKE NEWS DIGEST” for August 8, 2018
Item : The Glendive city council has decided to name the sewage lagoon south of I-94, “Port of Glendive, Lake Rosendale”. The lake is in a strategic location to those prevailing northwest winds to capture the essence of the current political climate.

Item: Senator Tester’s missing fingers are not due to a farm accident. They are a result of his support of the banking industry which promised not to traumatically remove any more fingers if this former music teacher “sings” the right song.

Item: President Trump plans to resign after the Special Counsel releases their results and will join the Trappist religious order where he will take vows of silence and celibacy. It is reported that Melania and his exes did an intervention where they insisted on this course of recovery. He may still tweet, however.

Item: The two “All Trump, All the Time” fake news stations have merged and will go by the name of “The Ministry of Alternative Reality”. The new editor-in-chief has a suspiciously sounding Slavic name.

If Rep. Greg Gianforte is defeated in his bid for a second term, he will resume his career with the WWE where his body-slamming techniques have really raised the bar for young wrestlers.

THE FAKE NEWS “All Fake, All the Time”
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