Who Knew What, When About the Russians Having Dirt
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2902) 3 years ago
"Cohen Willing to Tell Mueller that Trump Knew of 2016 Meeting, Source Says: Cohen is willing to inform special counsel Robert Mueller that Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting between his son and a Russian lawyer" by Hallie Jackson, Kristen Welker, Peter Alexander and Alex Johnson, nbcnews.com , July 27, 2018


"The Trump Tower Meeting Increasingly Looks as Bad for Trump as It Initially Seemed" by Philip Bump, The Washington Post, July 27, 2018



"Russian Hackers Kept DNC Backdoor Longer Than Anyone Knew: The Democrats swore in the summer of 2016 that they had banished all outside intrusions from their networks. They were wrong" by Kevin Poulsen, thedailybeast.com, July 13, 2018



"If Cohen Is Telling the Truth, That Ought to Be Ballgame: We now stand at a yes-or-no moment in this country's history" by Charles P. Pirece, esquire.com, July 27, 2018


The alarm clock is ringing! It's time to Wake Up, America! We will know even more next week. Paul Manafort's trial begins July 31, 2018. Stay tuned.
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2902) 3 years ago
And, to make these Trump/Russia matters seem even more surreal than they already are, here's the latest real news: (I'm not kidding!)

Today, the White House is reporting that: "Trump Open to Visiting Moscow after Putin Invite" reuters.com, July 27, 2018


Just in case all this is too much for you, and you need a laugh, read the Andy Borowitz' satirical report:

"Trump Family Flees to Moscow" by Andy Borowitz, newyorker.com, July 27, 2018