Spectrum Health of MI: An Implausible Coincidence!
Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2900) 2 years ago
A friend sent me an email with this information:

"Well here's a funny little coincidence - Mariya Putin, Vlads [Putin's] eldest daughter just so happens to run a children's endocrinology charity -- guess who specializes in endocrinology?

Spectrum Health of Michigan. The same site that all the computer traffic was going to and from Trump Tower and Alfa Bank of Russia.

Spectrum Health is owned by Betsy Devos. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called an implausible coincidence. Devos didn't get a cabinet position [Secretary of Education] because she was qualified (an understatement)! She got that job because she's right smack in the middle of all this! They used her companies' computer servers to communicate with the Russians and they thought no one would notice! I'm sure she's terrified right about now. If we all know what she did you can best be sure Robert Mueller knows what she did."

I suspect Robert Mueller will be issuing many subpoenas in the near future. But first, there is Paul Manafort's upcoming trial next week. More will be revealed soon!

Read more about Spectrum Health at:

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