Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2890) 7 months ago

Yesterday, a Russian student, Maria Butina, gets arrested for being a Russian spy and funneling money through the NRA to influence U.S. elections, now this news from Reuters:

"U.S. Treasury Moves to Protect Identities of 'Dark Money' Political Donors", July 17, 2018

Our democracy is under attack!

Wake Up, America!
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Posted by Mary Catherine Dunphy (+2890) 7 months ago
This story from November, 2016 makes more sense now that we know about the Russia connection to the NRA! It appears that the Russians used the NRA to funnel money into the Republican campaigns the Russians wanted to win!

"The NRA Placed Big Bets on the 2016 Election, and Won Almost All of Them" by Mike Spies and Ashley Balcerzak,, November 9, 2016


"Maria Butina, Russian Gun Rights Activist Linked to NRA, Charged as Kremlin Agent" by Matthew Mosk, Pete Madden, Mike Levine, Kaitlyn Folmer,, July 17, 2018