Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+14301) 2 years ago
The Russians had developed a new strain of wheat that produced twice the yield at half the cost in a third of the acreage needed for the American's crop. Fearing this new strain of wheat, codenamed Krilk, would affect the United States agricultural economy, the CIA sent agents to find out as much as they could about it. Although they could find the fields by satellites, they could not locate the factories where it was processed or how this Krilk could be so different from the usual wheat. No matter how many agents they sent in, none ever returned. Finally the Agriculture Department determined it was a GMO product and the European countries wouldn't allow it to be sold in the Euromarket.
Therefore ,there was no use spying over milled Krilk.
Posted by David Schott (+15171) 2 years ago
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